My practice is based on a sculptural way of understanding and constructing installations where different formal languages; text, performance and objects, share the same space and time.
I am particularly intrigued by philosophical, psychological or / and sociological questions related to the emotional aspects of human interactions and relationships in the intimate sphere. Therefore, I use experiences in a auto-ethnograpical way as a raw material to explore the personal and the collective with wider cultural, political, and social meanings and understandings.
My work takes relational, material and linguistic aspects as a point of departure to force encounters and / or mismatches in between the experiential and emotional (untouchable) and the physical and the objectual (touchable). This happens departing from the form, following the process and embracing the accident, even if the narrative emerges later or in parallel. As part of the process, I use personal corresponces, workshops and interviews that later on are formalised within an installation form.
I incorporate references to the figure, or / and the absence of it, to produce resonances to architecture, translating gestures and everyday intimate behaviors into forms, some kind of familiar structures and their relationship to the wider systems.
The objects presented in relationship with the space, need each other - functioning like a co-dependent system. Understanding the installation as a relational system, I am interested in the openness of the meanings within the objects, paying attention to de multiplicity of readings and layers that the same objects may obtain depending on the
relationship between its context and the surrounding, where everything affects, alters and interrelates with each other being the instability of the narratives the structure of it, a radical imbalance where the materiality can reach its own autonomy.