In Gorka Mohamed’s painting there is tension between the irrational and the most organized structures. It shows the tension of the contemporary man, invaded by an environment that grows in apathy and cripples him in a sociopolitical context that offers no real choices. A grotesque world saturated with images and information that nullifies our critical aptitude and invites us to become more passive. Gorka understands the way of thinking associated with the painting as a process of inversion of our values, as the absence of limits and as a vital project.

Gorka Mohamed (Santander, Spain, 1978) lives and works in London. He graduates in Arts in 2003 at Escuela Massana of Barcelona and he finishes in 2008 a Master in Fine Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London. Among his last exhibitions, stand out: in 2016 ‘Raise ravens and they will pluck out your eyes’ at Peter Von Kant (London) and group exhibition at Choi & Lager Gallery (Cologne, Germany); “Termite Painting & the Sick Feet”, Galería Juan Silió (Santander, Spain, 2015); “100 Painters of Tomorrow”, One Art Space Gallery (New York, 2014); “Exeter Contemporary Open” (Exeter, United Kingdom, 2014); Enlaces + Seis Contextos, Museo Patio Herreriano (Valladolid, Spain, 2012); “Wonderpia”, Seoul Museum of Contemporary Art, Nanjo Studio Gallery, (Seoul, South Korea 2011); “Tautologies” at Galeria b’ONE (Seoul, South Korea, 2010); or ’Ventriloquist’, curated by Emma Dexter at Timothy Taylor Gallery (London, 2009).

Recently, Gorka Mohamed has been included in several prestigious international publications, such as “100 Painters of Tomorrow” by prestigious publishing house Thames & Hudson or “Young Lon-don 2011-2014” by Grey Tiger Books and V22 publishing houses.